"Effective Communication is the key to a healthier community life"

-Dwayne Deskins

RSLV Sponsors

The RSLV App was designed solely to help people live more full and complete lives through healthier relationships with those in their lives. Therefore, no venture capitalists were sought out. RSLV App chose to move to market as a non-profit to keep the app free with no annoying pop-up ads. To do this we needed sponsors. Those who saw the value of the RSLV app to this generation and who believed in it enough to help make it possible for you to enjoy it free of charge.

Join the list of Leaders in Businesses and churches that have witnessed the power of RSLV Ap and have taken steps of sponsoring to see even more people's lives changed

Schedule an appointment to hear about the exciting benefits of being a sponsor of the RSLV App and how you can get started.

Jane Awesome, Acme, Co.


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We are often ONE meaningful conversation away from a

better relationship and therefore a better life.

-Dwayne Deskins

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